Our Dogs

Scroll down to see videos of our dogs as well. :)

Barrett is the Father of Rhonda & Eva's litter.

This Handsome Male is our stud. He moves well and has wonderful temperament.

Eva had her puppies please visit the puppy page.

Eva loves people and is full of energy. She is vocal and like to be the boss.


Rhonda,loves people is very outgoing and Athletic. She is an excellent livestock guardian. She has had her Hips, and Heart Tested OFA Certified.

Bret & Eva


Taiga is a Russian Champion dog. She is Excellent with other dogs. She has a good temperament and is very protective. Please email us or see the puppy page.

Brenda is Retired.

Brenda has been DNA Health Tested thru Embark. Her heart & hips are OFA certified.